Creating A Tennis Culture Here – is a program designed by CTS to assist in the creation, or re-establishment, of a tennis culture in Australian communities.

CATCH draws together a number of existing tennis events and activities as foundation planks in creating a tennis culture in local communities.

Experience tells us that for something to be a cultural focus it needs to have its roots deep in the community, in families, schools, the media and households. It needs to be accessible in terms of participation (regardless of involvement levels), and have broad appeal. Importantly, in order to attract people, it needs to be easy and fun to play!

CATCH can be implemented in a range of settings and through all kinds of activities.

CATCH can be adapted to include almost any tennis event that endeavours to attract new people to the game: TIS, Try Tennis Days, Club Open days are just some of the programs already in existence that would fall under the CATCH umbrella.

The program’s variation allows for broad adoption, subsequently reaching more individuals and families, and growing the game of tennis.