When learning the game of tennis holistically there are 4 major components:

1. Technique – how to hit
2. Tactical – how to play
3. Physical – how to move
4. Mental – how to think.

The Squad program is designed to to work on the tactical, physical and mental sides of a player’s game. In a private lesson players focus more on learning the technique of shots – so doing a private lesson and squad lesson once a week means they are learning all aspects of the game.

In squad sessions we teach students how to think their way through a match and how to begin analysing and correcting their mistakes as they happen. In other words helping students to figure out reasons rather than excuses for their mistakes! The focus in squads is to teach players “how to win” by consolidating their technical skills being developed in lessons and integrating these into tactical situations.

Program Times

Greenvale Tennis Club: Monday 6.30-8.00pm (A grade)
Greenvale Tennis Club: Wednesday 5.30-7.00pm (C and D Grades)
Greenvale Tennis Club: Thursday 5.30-7.00pm (C and B Grades)


From $145 for 8 lessons per person

***Discount of 10% given to players having more than one lesson per week .***